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today I was thinking about HTTYD and when Hic say that if you have the trust of your dragon there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for you. And so I made this fanart. 
Elsa made herself a dragon that gonna love and protect her.
I hope to finish it as soon as possible

*fuck the x men, fuck magneto.let’s take a break, it’s summer after all..*


Dark Phoenix by Kenneth Rocafort

Elsanna For a friend of mine and she’s girlfriend!! I love you girls!!! #Elsa #Anna #frozen #Disney #princess #prince #love #cute #draw #digital #color #girl #frozen #elsanna





One time I read a fic where Charles was still able to feel his legs at this point, and it was only after Erik turned him over and moved him around that he lost feeling.

This was something that he never ever told Erik.

Just thought I’d ruin some of your lives you’re welcome.

and this boys and girls is why you never move someone with a back injury

Scientifically that’s how it would work; if Erik hadn’t taken the bullet out he would probably still have had his legs available to work. I don’t think just moving him would have done it.

I hope you know you’re all going to burn in hell

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Aristotle's Modes of Persuasion

Inspired by { x }

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